Together with other design professionals MOYA shares the mission of bringing diversity and character to industrial production. We believe that the value of being different hides in playfulness with what we have in common - natural materials and simple geometry are our favorite tools when it comes to design, and our superpower is the way we explore them.

It's not only about choosing good materials and basic shapes, but how they meet together and how they meet your home: line we (re)create is not the boundary, but the bond - between marble and wood, human and space, crafts and art, home and wild, tradition and exotic.

Immense attention is paid to the quality of this bond: the craftsmanship details, research, selection and processing of materials; to organization and communication with the people that we collaborate with. Our network ambience is of great value to us - we carefully seek for collaboration and connections with those who inspire and motivate us.

Proud to be different - this bold approach to detail and style delivers caring service providing diverse design possibilities: with MOYA you have the possibility to customize colors, materials, sizes, based on the professionally tailored offer. We are inspired by the complexity of our senses and believe that enjoying your everyday is more than just a matter of comfort. To make ordinary moments memorable is to keep your experience – a unique adventure.

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