Fog Complement

The Fog commode has a highly refined and reduced form. It is divided into four equal parts, and the slit between them is designed to cleverly conceal the method of opening it. It unobtrusively satisfies the need to store objects behind opaque sides. Even though it has a compact form and is completely enclosed, it doesn`t appear heavy – it is raised on feet which elongates the form and reduces its solidness and impression of immovability.

The Fog skillfully balances between unnoticeable and completely dominant pieces – its form is easily noticeable, but the simplicity allows for a high level of adaptation to various types of interiors and furniture pieces. It also easily fits with various sofas, and the MOYA collection includes club tables that are fully compatible with the Fog commode.

“Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion.”



Tehnical Sheet

Download Tehnical Sheet


support base: 4 massive legs, MDF panel, walnut veneer, polyurethane varnish


structure: melamine particle board structure covered with MDF panel, walnut veneer, polyurethane varnish; 4 slow-closing drawers, central space for opening drawers and shelf; all panels are connected 45-degree miter joints

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