Contract Division

We collaborate very closely with out clients, since we are involved not only in design, but also in project management – from logistics, to complete production of all elements and installation of the project. All project phases are carefully planned and organized because our main goal is for the clients to be pleased and for the space to go beyond their visions and expectations.

In order to be able to devote scrupulous attention to all the aspects and scales of a given project, from perfecting every detail to designing the entire interior of a given building, we have different production departments synchronized to function as a smooth system. This allows us to take on and overcome the most demanding projects and complete them with ease, acquiring high quality, adhering to the predicted timeline.

The production sector includes a department for metal processing (stainless steel, steel), a tabular materials department, a wood processing department, a painting and finishing department, an upholstery department with a sewing shop and modeling shop, as well as a department for processing materials such as Corian, plastic Lg and glass. We also have a specially trained team for supervising installation and on-site work. MOYA has so far successfully left in its wake various projects and types of jobs, including furnishing office buildings, hotels, banks, boutiques, residences and family villas. Some of our references are Max Mara, MAX&Co., Diesel, Raiffeisen bank, etc.

The way that MOYA develops and grows is precisely through new challenges, with the mission to create spaces that captivate with their creativity and beauty, but which are primarily of high quality and function. We are very proud of everything that we have achieved so far, but it is good to always want more, and to go one step further. We believe that there is not a dream that cannot be fulfilled, and we are completely dedicated to progress through the fulfillment of this mission.